The Wood-Elves of Mirkwood are not like their kin. They’re less wise and more dangerous.


Really, guys? I’m back for ten minutes and we’re already fighting space aliens?

Steve just spends this entire movie unimpressed with EVERYTHING

#as much as I love steve being impressed like vaccinations! #smallpox is gone! #washing machines! #the future is wonderful! #I also want him to kinda be like #oh so it doesn’t fold the clothes for you? #I still gotta iron this myself? #Howard promised flying cars 70 years ago #Where’re the robots #unimpressed by the future tbh (via kehinki)



Was that your first kiss since 1945?
That bad, huh?

your daily reminder that Black Widow gave Captain America a semi in the middle of a shopping centre



have you accepted natasha romanoff as your lord and saviour

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